With our modern text

marketing platform

and features

Send an SMS broadcast to your contact list with

Royce Bulk SMS

With our modern text marketing platform and features, Bulk SMS is one of the most affordable and practical ways to reach a large audience. SMS texts are significantly more likely to get opened than email messages.

We are a Bulk SMS Platform for sending SMS Payment Reminders, SMS Marketing Campaigns and Group Messages in Kenya. If SMS Messaging is a critical part of your Business you can rest easy with Royce Technologies.

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Individual Accounts

Individual SMS Accounts is a single user Account suited for individual Messaging purposes e.g. Family gatherings, weddings, event invitations, trainings etc.

Business Accounts

Organization Accounts are suited for an organization with one or multiple users. Organization accounts have an Admin who can create and manage permission based on user accounts. They are suitable e.g. for a company with a single branch or business unit with one or more users.

Royce Technologies SMS Gateway Features

Bulk SMS & SMS Marketing
Send an SMS broadcast to your contact list with merge, tracking, and other powerful features

Notification SMS
Send SMS to your customers when they purchase, make an order, or when their item is ready!

Appointment Reminders
Schedule SMS for the future and send reminders to your users to avoid no-shows

Two factor verification & One time passwords
Powerful SMS API gateway to enable Two Factor Authentication and OTP SMS passwords

Surveys & Feedback Requests
Quickly run SMS Polls, Surveys, and request feedback with 2-way SMS

Easily Integrate Bulk SMS to your application

Our focus is to provide you with tools to easily integrate Bulk SMS to your application in any programming language. We provide plug and play module/packages/libraries under API documentation section in Bulk SMS Portal. Find below


We have made the integration as easy as possible. Steps.
A) generate API key from the API API key Menu
B) Send a post request to http://bulksms.roycetechnologies.co.ke/api/sendmessage with:

  1. Bearer header. e.g Authorization: Bearer token
  2. The following parameters
    • sender_id e.g RoyceLtd
    • text_message e.g Hello world
    • phone_number e.g 071234567/25471234567